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Joe LeLievre | 06 August 2020

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Jamie Grundy, trainer and educator in prison and higher education joins Rod Clark, Chief Executive of the Prisoner’s Education Trust to discuss using convictions as a USP when supporting individuals into employment and higher education.

Listen to the Webinar with Jamie Grundy here.

Jamie highlights the difficulties that face a former prisoner when the ‘elephant in the room’ of a conviction comes up in their applications or interviews. He argues that instead of trying to cover up a previous conviction, individuals should be up front with employers and education providers, using a conviction to show desirable skills they have acquired, and frame it as part of their rehabilitation timeline.

Through his work with prisoners, Jamie has helped many access higher education, and has encouraged individuals to get the most out of their sentence in prison, so that  gaps in external employment are turned into a period of personal development.

You can make the best possible application by being upfront and honest… and by using the conviction to show that lived experience can make your application stronger – Jamie Grundy

Jamie also addresses the choice that individuals with convictions face after discussing their conviction with an employer or university. Jamie emphasises that it must be an individual’s choice as to how much or little they talk about their conviction going forward, after it has been discussed honestly with education providers, employers as well as peers and colleagues.

Using convictions as a USP empowers individuals to leave prison with confidence and clarity on what their conviction means for them, and how they can use it to make a meaningful step forward.

Click here to read more about Jamie’s work and to listen to more Wednesday Webinars, check out the PLA SoundCloud.

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