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The Essential Skills and Inclusion Network for practitioners of English, Maths, SEND and IT to prison learners is convened by Rachel Öner and the Prisoner Learning Alliance.

The network meets once per academic term to hear from guest speakers, share information, and connect with peers. It is a unique networking opportunity for practitioners in the sector.

Rachel Öner is a specialist Education Consultant with over 30 years’ experience of Teaching and Learning in Further Education and several years working in and with prison education departments. Her specialist areas are English & maths delivery and ESOL. Rachel also has a special interest in inclusion needs and digital learning technologies. Rachel has previously facilitated a number of networking opportunities for practitioners in the FE sector and the secure estate.

Thanks so much for an interesting and informative Friday afternoon. I enjoyed it and I’m happy to be part of the collaboration and discussion around prisoner learning – a sector which, by its very nature, is sometimes kept behind closed doors.


Rachel has put together a Padlet of resources for supporting learners in prison, with a focus on English, Maths and ESOL delivery and those staff.

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