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20 August 2020

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Fiona Curran, director of art at Koestler Arts speaks to Sarah Hartley, Operational Lead for Families at Novus, about supporting rehabilitation through creative arts and family engagement.

Listen to the Webinar with Sarah Hartley

Sarah discusses her work engaging prisoners with art and design, and the ongoing relationship she has with external partners such as the Tate Liverpool gallery, in which two prison art projects have had showcases.

Artwork by one of the live artists who captured key points from the webinar. Scroll down to see the full set.

Learners in prison have used art as a medium through which to build meaningful relationships with family members and produce finished pieces of work that are shown to members of the public.

Sarah highlights how beneficial creative arts can be in aiding the rehabilitation process. This can range from learners developing better relationships with their children and educating them on the work that they have done on a project, to others having taken a passion for design and creativity further into higher education outside of prison.

Ultimately, the use of creative arts can also be a way to encompass wider learning in a less formal environment in prison. Projects have spanned a number of different subjects in education departments to create a holistic learning experience through art. These creative projects have led Sarah to see individual growth in her learners, with art being an invaluable tool in rehabilitative progression.

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