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27 September 2022

The PLA has published a new set of materials to support cell-based prison education. Developed by Claire Collins for the PLA, the materials focus on education approaches and resources that can be used by teachers to support cell-based learning.

Initially developed as a response to lockdown, in-cell resources are now a key strand of delivering prison education. Our new materials can be used individually or taken as a ‘course’ to help develop your practice.

By engaging with these materials, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Review some sample resources to identify their potential for independent, cell-based learning
  • Consider key features of sample resources that may benefit prison learners studying independently
  • Build up a list of effective practice features to help you develop, adapt, and choose resources and approaches for cell-based learning
  • Review action research carried out by prison teachers on the topic of cell-based learning


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