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27 Sep 2022 | Curriculum Development , PLA Briefings, Reports and Resources

PLA materials on cell-based learning

The PLA has published a new set of materials to support cell-based prison education. Developed by Claire Collins for the PLA, the materials focus on education approaches and resources that can be used by teachers to support cell-based learning.

HMP Pentonville books

05 Aug 2021 | Curriculum Development

PLA Curriculum Working Group July Meeting Minutes

The Curriculum Working Group, established this year, have been meeting regularly to discuss how PLA can influence the prison education curriculum, and the changes that educators and prisoners would like to see.

In cell learning 3 scaled

10 Mar 2021 | Curriculum Development

Roundtable Discussion on the In-Cell Curriculum

With face-to-face education on hold, or extremely limited in most prisons across England and Wales, in-cell education is likely to be the reality for the coming months. In December 2020, PLA members generously gave their time and shared their experiences of in-cell learning during COVID-19. We are grateful to everyone who joined us and contributed […]

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