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03 Nov 2022 | Prison Education News , Wednesday Webinars

Wednesday Webinar: Family learning in prisons

In this webinar, we are joined by Prison Advice and Care Trust, Prison Reading Groups, National Literacy Trust, and The Reading Agency, to discuss family learning in prisons. The session is chaired by Jonathan Gilbert – PLA Steering Committee member and former prisoner – who reflects on the impact initiatives such as these had on him, and his family, while in prison.

04 Oct 2022 | PLA Events , Prison Education News , Wednesday Webinars

Wednesday Webinar: The educational experiences of men in prison

In this webinar, we are joined by Dr Helen Nichols, author of Understanding the Educational Experiences of Imprisoned Men, to to talk about how education is used by men in prison to cope with prison life, to reconsider their identity and to develop and maintain relationships.

29 Sep 2022 | Prison Education News

Hidden Heroes Day 2022 – recognising prison teachers

September 29th 2022 is the third Hidden Heroes Day. This is a chance to recognise and thank all the people working in custodial and community justice settings in the UK. While they are often hidden from public view, they are not forgotten.

27 Sep 2022 | Curriculum Development , PLA Briefings, Reports and Resources

PLA materials on cell-based learning

The PLA has published a new set of materials to support cell-based prison education. Developed by Claire Collins for the PLA, the materials focus on education approaches and resources that can be used by teachers to support cell-based learning.

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